Wrap dress in silk crepe and lace with a bustier effect, with pleats at front & back. Silk mousseline pleated belt. Sleeves and back in Calais Lace. Pongée silk lining.


Sculptural dress in heavy silk crepe with hand embroidered guipure leaves and flowers around a tulle décolleté, on the V backless and the short sleeves, emphasizing the silhouette with lace embroidered on the hips. Pongée silk lining.


Folk high waist dress with transparent lace yoke, long sleeves and V décolleté with Calais lace modestie. Graphic reverse backless emphasizing the waist with a long train. Twill lining.


Crop top knotted shirt in Georgette crepe embroidered with floral guipure at the front and on the 3/4 sleeves. Buttoned up Georgette crepe skirt with a train. Twill lining.


Airy wrap crepe georgette dress with a thin silk belt and long train. Calais lace at the edge of the strapes, the décolleté and the skirt as well as on the V backless. Pongée silk lining.


High waisted dress with a fabulous plunging v neckline in lace. Subtle open back with transparent tulle embroidered with guipure. Lining in silk pongée.


Heavy silk crepe high waisted dress, with integrated silk top with thin straps, tulle embroidered with lace on the long sleeves and the graphic cut out open-back. Long train Calais lace insert. Pongée silk lining.


Buttoned up dress in silk crepe with silk belt. Calais lace and nude Georgette crepe decollete with back and short sleeves in Calais lace. Pongée silk lining.


Loose top in Calais lace and silk crepe with long sleeves and buttoned up back. Skirt in double silk crepe and Calais lace embroidered at the bottom. Pongée silk lining.


Georgette silk crepe fitted dress with floral guipure embroidered on the tulle decollete, the short tulle sleeves, the reverse backless and at the bottom of the dress. Twill lining.


Low waist wrap dress in Calais lace with a plunging décolleté and V neckline back, 3/4 sleeves and pleated Georgette crepe skirt. Pongée silk lining.