Jeanne Source Story

Since 2015, Jeanne Source creates modern, sophisticated and wild wedding dresses in her Provence.

Inspired by Fashion and Paris, the 70’s carefreeness and Jane Birkin, the sun and love, Jeanne Source breaks the traditional codes to reinvent a wedding dress imbued with style and freshness.

The Jeanne Source bride is in love and free, a bit wild, sensual and bold.
She cares about her natural allure and imagines herself in a refined and light dress with an ounce of impertinence! A veil embroidered with a crown of flowers
ornaments her hair. She likes simplicity and lightness, backless and the silk on her skin, to laugh, to drink a glass of champagne and dance barefoot in her dress.

Crédit photo Caroline Feraud


I create insouciance.
Something that oscillates between audacity and grace.
It’s a matter of balance.
The tulle transparency, the softness of silk crepes and the delicate Calais laces highlight a slender silhouette, sensual and nonchalant, almost ethereal. I cover the bride with lightness under my Provence sunshine.
This is where everything takes place, at the heart of our Atelier, between the measurements, tissues and mirror reflections; magic happens.
All these little stolen moments will guide you to THE dress.”

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